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Galations 6:7  “Whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.”

The SOWERs acronym stands for “Servants On Wheels Ever Ready.”  Pretty catchy, yes?  Don and Jenny have had the pleasure of meeting dozens of SOWERs since 2007, and can tell you that they are, every one of them, people with a true heart for God and for His work on Earth.  Don and Jenny are proud and pleased to be associated with them. 

Servants On Wheels Ever Ready (SOWERS) is a non-profit, non-denominational, working ministry made up of interdenominational, born-again Christian RVers. 

SOWERS are first and foremost SERVANTS…people with a true missionary heart who are more interested in serving others than accommodating their own desires. We are born again Christian married couples who have recreational vehicles (RVs), are self-supported, and are retired or semi-retired.  We delight in serving the Lord by using our various acquired skills and God-given gifts to perform volunteer work on selected projects at various Christian ministries.  We enjoy the RV lifestyle and the adventure of traveling throughout the United States and North America.  Some of us are full-time RVers while others maintain homes and travel periodically to work at projects.

The SOWER Ministry provides volunteer help to other selected non-profit Christian ministries.  Examples of our projects include churches, camps, conference grounds, orphanages, schools, colleges, missionary retreat centers, missionary training facilities, refuges for neglected or abused children, and recovery homes for adults.  While we tend to focus on the work aspect of the ministry, whom we really serve is our risen savior, Jesus Christ!

 The SOWER Ministry is primarily a physical labor ministry.  On most projects we are involved with the construction or remodeling of structures and associated utilities, repair of vehicles, or landscape installation using their skills of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, masonry, mechanics, etc.Other SOWERs help with office work, tutoring, sewing, painting, kitchen work, cleaning, etc.  There are opportunities for everyone of reasonably good health to contribute.  We continuously learn and our skills improve and expand over time as we work together on projects.

The ministries we serve provide SOWERs with RV hookups, materials and supplies, special tools, and work supervision.  We as SOWERS supply hand tools, our labor, and our own meals.  The project host also agrees to permit SOWERS to stay at the project for one week (following our three-week work commitment) with RV hookups, giving us the opportunity to see the local sights or just rest and relax.