Why our ministry?

We were once again brought to the reality of our mortality when we lost Jenny’s sister, her best friend, Marnie, and nephew, Andrew, in a helicopter accident in September of 2005.  We both love the Lord and want to be involved in acts of significance which reflect that love while we are still able.

We made an appointment with our mission’s pastor at Wooddale, Tom Correll,to investigate the possibility of joining the team going to Guatemala.  Near the end of the conversation with Tom, he suggested that we might want to investigate mobile missions.  

After much research and due diligence, we selected “SOWERs” as the group with whom we would form an affiliation.  A four month application process ensued, including two (2) letters of recommendation from current pastors, an FBI background check and clearance, a statement of personal faith, a phone screening interview, etc..  Finally, acceptance as members in good standing of SOWER’s and we began…..

We formed “On a Wheel and a Prayer”, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our 501(c)(3) is administered by RJW Foundation, a Minnesota Private Foundation.   RJW does all the necessary Federal reporting plus the expense reimbursement.  They reimburse IRS qualified expenses after we submit detailed original receipts.

We accepted our first assignment to Florida Baptist Encampment for February 2006.  Had such a rewarding experience that we decided we could not wait any longer.  We were committed.

If you are interested in learning more about SOWERs, we encourage you to use the link on the right.  SOWERs is in need of loving, hardworking couples who have even just one month a year to give to this service.