2012 Projects


December 2012 Camp Tejas www.camptejas.org

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Camp Tejas Camp Tejas is like a lot of the other camps we serve, with an additional event which is not so common,  the “Lights of Tejas”(LOT).     The LOT is a celebration of the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   The camp puts up lights like you would not believe, in ... Continue


November 2012 Rockin’ C Ranch www.rockcranch.org

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Rockin C Ranch is a working ranch with a Christian camp.  www.rockcranch.org    The ranch is located NE of Tyler, TX which is in mid-east Texas.  The loving  staff  is very appreciative of the SOWER’s efforts at the camp.  A few pictures: [caption id="attachment_1300" align="alignleft" width="300"] There was a Father-Daughter camping weekend while ... Continue


October 2012 Calvary Commission www.CalvaryCommission.org

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Our ministry gives us the opportunity to see the Lord at work in so many different ways and places.  The month of October 2012 was one more chance for us to be a small part of another really great ministry, Calvary Commission.                               ( www.CalvaryCommission.org ) Calvary Commission is a “post” prison ... Continue


It is September, 2012 – – Long overdue post.

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A lot has happened in our lives since our last post. After working Toccoa Falls College in November 2011, we left our motor home and our cat with fellow-SOWERs just south of Atlanta.  We flew to NYC and went to Israel with a group of friends from the CBS class in ... Continue


April 2012 – SOWERs Home Office in Lindale, TX

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                  Our April 2012 project is the SOWERs home office in Lindale, TX. Continue