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Six Couples at this Camp

Again and again, as we go from project to project, we see the work of the Holy Spirit as God guides and blesses those people and places where His Gospel is proclaimed.  Living Waters of Danforth, Maine is one of those places and it is obvious as you look about and see the various actions and activities. 

Some pictures of our experiences:

Six couples at this camp.

We start each day with worship and praise music and devotional time. This helps us on gaining the proper perspective for day in front of us.

The Camp puts on a “GIANT” Brunch on Labor Day Sunday as fund raiser. Amy, Tony, Markay and Dave are helping by preparing some of the appetizers.

The ladies helped in the kitchen a lot. Here Jenny, Sandy and Amy are concocting something of delight….











Naomi and Sandy helping in the kitchen.


Tony and Dave working on the staff housing repairs.

The SOWERs did some repairs and refinishing of some staff housing. Here Tony, Markay, Dave and Dan take a break for a photo op.

Elmer and Don had a rather unique task of rebuilding an old manure spreader that had been donated to the camp. Horses being a big part of the camp ministry, the spreader will definitely be used.



Nancy and Jenny armed and ready to tackle “Cabin Cleaning”.

All the motel and cabin laundry had to be done after the guests left. Sandy and Naomi are not hiding behind their work but there were mountains laundry to be done.

Naomi and Nancy took turns in handling the office for the camp. Nancy had the job on this particular day.

Dan and Jay working on the boy’s dorm. They cut holes in the exterior wall and installed doors.



There were plenty of tables to paint.


We are so blessed to be able to serve in our small ways.  Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support.