Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, CA January 2019

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In January 2019 we had the privilege of serving at the Coachella Valley rescue Mission (CVRM). In a nut shell this amazing ministry serves southern California by providing 750-1000 meals every day to its residents, both from the emergency shelter and residential dorms, and to the local community and homeless. This facility can house approximately 150 men, women and children in their “emergency shelter” building, providing them with showers, clean clothes, food and a bed. Also the Rescue Mission can accommodate 150+ clients living in their restorative, on site programs which aides and offer services to help the homeless individuals and families break the cycle and bonds of living on the street and move them in the direction of self sustaining community living.

We worked with another SOWER couple, Rick and Betty Weber. The gals were mostly working in the kitchen helping to prepare and serve the hundreds of daily meals they serve. The men were building an additional office in one of the men’s dorms to be used for case management of the residential clients. See the photos below of some of involvement at CVRM.

Jenny in the kitchen with Ralph and Rick, also volunteers. I am filling (2) 5 gallon buckets with eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast.
Don and Rick, the other Sower guy, framing in the new office space.
Don installing a receptacle box.
Jenny and Betty, the other Sower gal, helping to chop chicken for the evening hot meal.
Jenny working with Chad in the kitchen. Chad is also a residential client.
Don with Rick installing sheet rock.
Don and Rick continuing the sheet rock phase.
Jenny with Melanie, a New Life resdidential client who just landed her first job!
Don and Rick move on to the tape and mudding phase
Don and Rick, tape and mud continues
L to R: Rick and Betty Weber, Jenny and Don Rasmussen

The month flew by so rapidly for us. The new office space was not finished yet, but the next month’s Sower group will pick it up and bring it to completion. We are grateful for the opportunity to make this couple our “new friends” and we pray we get to serve with them again “down the road”. We also were encouraged by doing our small part at CVRM to help share the love of Jesus with His homeless children.