Gulf Coast Foursquare Church/Highland Creek Camp March 2018

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March 2018 was spent at Gulf Coast Foursquare Church/Highland Creek Camp in Hitchcock, TX. It was a month of firsts; we helped rebuild after Hurricane Harvey (disaster relief), worked with a new SOWER couple, Cathy and Bob Brown, and Jenny entered a new decade celebrating her 60th birthday!

We were blessed with getting to help rebuild and refinish camp buildings and a parsonage that was underwater after Harvey left last August 2017. The entire community of Hitchcock, TX was deeply damaged and wounded physically and emotionally after the ravages of the hurricaine.  It was very rewarding for us to get to help in some small way to get them back to hosting kid’s camp and living in their home.

Jenny, Kathy Brown and Ralph Rockwood working at the parsonage.

Don installing a new door on the parsonage

Bob and Cathy Brown #3444, painting in the camp store.

Cathy Brown, Jenny and Joyce Rockwood painting in the parsonage.

Joyce Rockwood #1438 paints in the parsonage garage

Ralph Rockwood #1438 tapes and muds a new wall in parsonage.

Jenny celebrates her 60th birthday!

Bob Brown #3444 adds on to the Chapel during the restoration.

Don and Jenny Rasmussen (right) served along with Cathy and Bob Brown and the staff of the Gulf Coast Foursquare Church and camp.