November 2012 Rockin’ C Ranch

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Rockin C Ranch is a working ranch with a Christian camp.    The ranch is located NE of Tyler, TX which is in mid-east Texas.  The loving  staff  is very appreciative of the SOWER’s efforts at the camp.  A few pictures:

There was a Father-Daughter camping weekend while we were there, Some time in the canoes for the campers.







A wrangler assisting a daughter/father team for the riding experience.


A youth group gets the experience of building a raft as a team.







One of a group of young boys, a camp guest, getting ready to go for a trail ride and a boost in self-confidence.







Some Activities and Tasks:


Bill and Don Y. assess and begin residing a storage building as Don R. delivers a cart of tools.


Building has a new skin.









Jenny and Karen rebuilt and repainted several Ping-Pong Tables.

Candi, Sharon and Jenny washed all of the dining hall

Sharon and Jenny — More windows.










Karen and Jenny used the lift to prepare a lodge for staining.











One of our tasks was to enclose the walk-in cooler/freezer into an addition to the kitchen. We built walls, insulated, enclosed the top and sided the addition. Here Bob, Don Y. and Bill are working at insulating and siding one side of the addition.












On a day off, a couple wranglers took all the SOWERs for a really great trail ride enjoyed by all.


The month was another great blessing for both Jenny and I and the other

SOWERs .    Thank you for your interest and your support.