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Our ministry gives us the opportunity to see the Lord at work in so many different ways and places.  The month of October 2012 was one more chance for us to be a small part of another really great ministry, Calvary Commission.                               ( )

Calvary Commission is a “post” prison bible college ministry.  The students and many of the staff personnel have spent jail time prior to being accepted here at the school for an intense bible study to help them grow in their love of Jesus.  Graduates of the school (An accredited school offering up to and including a doctorate degree) are serving as missionary throughout the world. 

The changed lives seen at this ministry is a wonderful thing to experience. 

Here are few pictures.

Students attend classes daily, Monday through Thursday.








Chapel/Worship services are conducted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 until 9:15. Jenny and I were able to attend most of them as our work schedule permitted.


David, John (students) and Don before chapel one morning.








Jenny did many different tasks throughout the month with kitchen duty taking up most of her time. Here she and Melinda are doing prep work for a meal.











Arquilla and Glenn, staff members/students presenting us shirts as appreciation gifts after chapel near the end of the project.


Don worked on replacing a wall on a housing unit to be used for future staff/visiting missionaries coming back to the school on furlough.











We worked closely with students, Melinda and John, on the tasks at the various tasks at the project. They are pictured here with us at a Calvary Commission sign stating “There is HOPE!” with Jesus.










 Thank you for your interest.

Please pray for our safety and good health.


Don and Jenny