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February 27, 2007

Tuesday 022707 PM

It is 7:30 and we just finished dinner, oyster stew, our catch of the day yesterday when we got shrimp off of Tony’s boat and oysters from Nancy’s oyster processing plant.

022707_049 This the whole crew on last Thursday as we finished our work at The Florida Baptist Encampment.

This group painted bunks, replaced/repaired and re-tiled walls, sheet rocked and tapped, installed and repaired plumbing, did land-scapping and grounds clean-up, rebuilt and re-roofed roofs, painted pool murals and walls, painted, painted signs, etc.,etc..

022707_046 Joe and Barb and Ralph and Frances at the pot luck.

022707_044This is a photo of the rocket that was launched on Saturday the 17th from the Cape.  We where about 3 miles from the launch pad and could actually see the rocket on the pad before it blasted off.  What a thrill it was to witness the launch.

Signing off for now.

Don and Jenny

Tuesday 022707 Heading Back

We had communication issues and now in a camp with Wi-Fi at Carrabelle, FL on the gulf coast south of Tallahassee.  Here022707_020  is an update.  Last we have been REAL busy with all the goings-ons.

Hammer being wheeled by Don while replacing a roof.

022707_006 Naomi and Jan painting a mural on the inside pool wall.  It looks great.

022707_007 Went to a neighboring project for a potluck where Sowers from 4 separate projects got together.    A gospel singer lead us in worship and praise songs.  Food and fellowship was awesome.

More to come

February 11, 2007

Saturday 021007 Cont.

Now Sunday AM and we are getting ready to go to church with Bill and Sandy.  We are headed to a small church in Groveland, FL which is about 9-10 miles South and East.  Yesterday was spent running errands and shopping for supplies.

020907_006_1 Vernon and “GL” replacing rotted roof boards on the boys dorm after removing the asphalt shingles, tar paper, nails,etc..

020907_013 First sheet of new metal roofing goes up top.

More sheets of metal 020907_003roofing being bolted on to the roof.  Ralph in the foreground, Bob, Group Leader for the project on the ladder, “GL” on lower part of roof and Vernon at the top.  There has been some question as to if I, Don, has been doing anything other than taking pictures…..????  God Bless,

Don and Jenny

February 10, 2007

Saturday 021007

Jenny and I have had a great first week on our project here at Florida Baptist Youth Camp with our fellow SOWERs.  We start each day with devotional time at 7:30 AM, singing praise songs and spending time in the Word.  Each day’s session is lead by a different couple.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship.

020907_009_3 The ladies gather for a photo at lunch break.  What a bunch of women.

020907_010 Barb, Frances and Jenny cleaning the ovens in the kitchen/dining hall building.

More to posted soon.

Don and Jenny

February 06, 2007

Tuesday 0202607 After Work a bit more.

Couple more pictures.

Our home here.


Our Neighborhood.020506_003

The camp is on an island and is surrounded by swamp.  Picture below is taken from the road just outside the camp when Jenny and I went on a walk last night before dinner.


Thanks to all of you for your support.

God bless,

Don and Jenny

Tuesday 0202607 After Work

Having another great day.  7:30AM Group devotional and praise songs untill 8:00.  I went off to the chapel again today and Jenny was off to clean the girl’s dorm. Ralph. “GL”, Vernon and I have moved all the pews out of the way, stripped and rewaxed the floors and repositioned and anchored allthe pews.

Chapel we are working in.   At camp entrance.020506_005 020506_001

Work completed   Work in Progress    020506_006   020506_007

We thank God that we are able to be here at the camp.

God bless you and yours where ever you are.

February 05, 2007

Monday 020507

We are settled in at the camp site.  Got here Friday and explored the local area to get our bearings and know where to get supplies, etc.